The journey of Tornado garage goes a long way. From the heart of Paris, Tornado started off as a small repair shop doing auto maintenance and repair services for all types of German, American and Japanese cars. With the scent of fiberglass, oil and gasoline, Tornado continues it's trail of success across Germany and Belgium. In year 2015, Tornado carried it's path to Dubai as its new home. With 40 years of experience, we carry on our traditions: 

1. Honesty with customers.

2. fair pricing.

3. Never compromise on quality.

We keep our culture always alive with the thrive to value the customer and their cars before anything. This pillar is what kept our successful relationship with our customers alive till this day. And Tornado will keep its values always alive. 

Welcome to Tornado!

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Our Services

- Visual Inspection & Full

- Electrical Diagnostics

- Mechanics

- Electrical Components

- Denting

- Painting

- Pre-Purchase Inspection

- Oil & Services

- 3M Tinting

- Full A.C Service

and much more!

Opening Hours

Sat - Thu

9am - 1pm

3pm - 8pm

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Contact Us

Unit 30 - 25C Street. Al Quoz 3,

Dubai, UAE.

Tel: +971 4 3791 941

Mob: +971 55 3000 940

Mob: +971 52 1119 717

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