Pre-Purchase Inspection

Before purchasing any car, one should know its history of services and all invoices of reparation, provided by the seller. This inspection always starts with a physical view of the chassis, which shows if the car has ever had any accident that would have affected the chassis. Then, we inspect all the axles, bushes, differentials, engine, gearbox, steering, brakes, etc. We run a deep diagnostic of the vehicle and inspect the electronic and electrical systems. The next step is to inspect the body of your car in depth, one panel after the other to understand if there has been any accidents, and if any of the panels have been repaired or repainted. A test drive will finally define if there are any abnormalities in the vehicle.

Our Services

- Visual Inspection & Full

- Electrical Diagnostics

- Mechanics

- Electrical Components

- Denting

- Painting

- Pre-Purchase Inspection

- Oil & Services

- 3M Tinting

- Full A.C Service

and much more!

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